There is a growing number of consumers with very poor credit. Fortunately most of these consumers have income and active checking accounts in good standing.  These customers typically qualify for 90 and 180 financing solutions that can dramatically increase both your customer base and the dollar amount of individuals sales.

You can even advertise 90 and 180 day payment plans with no credit check to bring in more new business.  Simply put, you can easily create more sales that otherwise would not exist.

If you are losing sales over price, with this program you can now ask your customers “Can you afford to pay over 90 or 180 days?” The process is simply enabling you to concentrate on your business. “I can’t afford it…” changes to “I can afford it!”

Extended payment terms also provide you a huge opportunity to up-sell.
The process is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Offer customer extended payment option.
  2. Verify customer’s income and key the information into your point of sale terminal or computer.
  3. An authorization code is then sent to you and then you fax back the sale information.

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“We own a law firm here in San Diego County and one of our biggest problems is collections. We can get new clients but many times they don’t have any money and certainly don’t have any credit and they need us to do something for them right away. Of course that results in our receivables being very high and we wind up being in the collection business instead of offering legal counsel. Now we make our clients participate in this program if they can’t pay up front and our receivables have dropped 67% in just 9 months. I hate to even think how many bad credit accounts we’ve had to write off over the years and now that is something we refuse to participate in any longer.”  Kelly, San Diego County, CA – Attorney Firm

“This program has had a significant impact on our furniture business since we set it up over 9 months ago.  I really couldn’t believe how many people would never have come in my store because they were afraid they would not be able to afford our prices.  Now, not only do they come in but it seems like every one of them knows someone else that has bad credit and we get those sales as well. Thank you for the program and thank you for all your wonderful customer service.” Barbara, Chicago, IL – Furniture Store

“We sell electronics equipment here in Greenville, SC and we’ve had your program for over a year. I wasn’t sure how that bank could guarantee my money but the truth be told you have and it’s brought me a whole bunch of customers I never would have gotten without you. Nice to see an honest company actually doing what they say they are going to do.  Lawrence, Greenville, SC – Electronics Equipment

“Certainly was a bit leery I have to confess but you’ve made a believer out of me and this thing will pay for itself in no time.”  Robert, Memphis, TN – Auto Body Shop

“Mississippi may be hard for some to spell but everybody knows how to spell M-O-N-E-Y!  Let me tell you how we spell money down here in Jackson … NO CREDIT CHECK FINANCING!”  Chad, Jackson, Miss – Furniture Store

“The No Credit Check Program is one of the best investments this company has ever made and it’s made me more money than I ever imagined it would.  I tell everyone I can about this program and the money just keeps coming in.”   Randy, Philadelphia, PA – Auto Repair

“I learned about this 90 Days Same As Cash from a friend of mine that has it over in Oklahoma. We both sell furniture and we always share ideas about what works and what doesn’t. He had a salesman come in and tell him how the “No Credit Check” worked and it really caught his attention and he tried it. After I saw what he did with the thing for 11 months in a row I thought it was time to bring it into San Jose. It’s a lot quicker than any of the other financing programs I’ve used in the past but what I like most is how many people got approved that I couldn’t get approved before.”   Alvin, San Jose, CA – Furniture Store

“That gal that came in here told me all kinds of stuff and I wasn’t sure whether any of it was true or if it was some kind of fancy pants presentation to make me buy something so I really dug my heels in. That was over a year ago and guess what…. just like that lady told me there are months that my radiator shop is so slow we think it’s exciting to count cars driving by but my cash flow actually went up because of customers I’d signed up on this program a month or two before.”  Joseph, Denver, CO – Radiator Repair

“I don’t want to blab to everybody about how much money I’m making but I will say this…. We are averaging 10 to 16 new customers every single month because of this program and if you don’t think that’s special I don’t know what is.”  Steve, Los Angeles, CA – Automotive Repair

“Several competitor furniture stores signed up in our area and we decided not to make a decision when we were first approached. Eventually, we kept noticing the increased traffic at those locations and finally had to say ‘uncle!’ We brought this program on board in July of 2009 and through December 2009 ran over $80,000 worth of furniture transactions. What else do I need to say other than I should have signed up when you first came out!”  Bruce, Los Angeles, CA – Furniture Store

“We sell tires and all the related services in the Oakland, California area and we think this 90 Day thing works really great. We did over $51,000 in the very first 4 months and these are people we could never have sold without No Credit Check Financing. We have the program in 2 different locations and both stores are going like gangbusters.  Alyas, Brentwood, CA – Tire Sales 

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